Matki Khod Competition @KidZania

It is ​that ​time of the year again when you want to celebrate with your siblings and best-friends, and express that "you care".


A Wholesome Afternoon with Pooja Dhingra

Pooja Dhingra hardly needs an introduction. The Paris-trained celebrity chef and owner of Mumbai's much-loved Le 15 is ready with her second book 'The Wholesome Kitchen' and when DesiChidiyaa was invited to be part of her book launch at Kolkata's The Corner Courtyard, we could hardly contain our twittering and fluttering for joy! Confirmed sweet-addicts that we are, the idea of learning the secrets to some guiltfree treats appealed to us and Pooja had promised an interactive demo of a selection from her new book.

Books and Banter: Publishing House Half Baked Beans Gives a Whiff of Fresh Brew with the Launch of Its Book Marketing Wing

What started as a Facebook page to bring together like-minded people to discuss and talk about books and literature soon took the shape of a fledgling publishing house. Today, three-and-a-half years and forty books later Half Baked Beans is all set to change the dynamics of traditional book publishing. Conceived as a platform to encourage newbie writers to publish their books, the publishing house caters to all your book publishing solutions.

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