Mystery Rooms Indira Nagar, Bangalore

Welcomed by a comfortable grey couch, Mystery Rooms at Indira Nagar is beguiling.

What starts of as another afternoon getaway, soon becomes riveting, and absolutely captivating. Mystery Rooms takes you through multiple scenarios, from being locked in a prison cell, being abducted, to being stranded in the middle of nowhere.


The one that we went through was called Lockout. In 60 minutes, we had to make our way out a prison cell! An extremely immersive experience, we were garbed in prison clothes, had our hands handcuffed, and were thrown in jail. We had to make our way out of there with the help of clues that we discovered, and the tools at hand. We escaped from prison, made our way to the jailers cabin, escaped from there, solved multiple clues, and cracked many codes to finally taste sweet freedom. This freedom (when you win a game) comes with 2 vouchers for Chili’s, and a medal each!

Without giving too much of it away, Mystery Rooms is an amazing experience. While on one hand you’re constantly being watched to prevent harm, and clues being given to you should you need them, in no way does this get in the way of the actual gameplay. They’ve taken care of each aspect of the scenario, right down to a set of mugs and plates that the would-be prisoners might eat from. While we had fun banging our steel mugs against the jail and crying foul, we soon realised that this was a game to flex our creative muscles. Just after were done, we met another group of people who were anxious to go at it next, and had been there 4 times before, to try out a different scenario each time.


Mystery Rooms also has great packages for birthday parties, and corporates. With karaoke sessions, followed by watching your friends and colleagues battle it out for pole position in different scenarios, there was never a better time to be incarcerated, in a way that all your mothers would approve of.


Find their Facebook page here.

Give them a call at: 091649 82389

Where: Indira Nagar, Adjacent to Smoor, Opposite to Black Rabbit

Contributed by Aditya
A Bong who loves his Idlis more than Ilish!





Thanks #DesiChidiyaa

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