Restaurant Review: Desi Vibes

There are themed restaurants and then there are restaurants like Desi Vibes… one that sports too many props to make it look “desi” and in sync with the name!
Located in the busy restaurantscape of Connaught Place, it is perched on the second floor and shares the terrace space with Barbeque Nation and Warehouse Café. When we visited, a new café (Café Wiser Miser) had thrown its launch party and so even the parking lot was chocked with girls in their high heels and boys in their tees flaunting their gym bodies.

Braving the Page 3 crowd for the launch, we made our way to the restaurant and were greeted by the man at the door. There was a good waiting time but since we had made a reservation, we were ushered in swiftly. While the kids were delighted to see the well and the matkas and and old-style radio, the boys got excited with the glimpse of the “desi theka”.

The serving staff is dressed in ethnic attire and you are served with complimentary jaljeera and bite-sized papads the moment you settle in. Food too is served in traditional copperware utensils. Warm lighting but a little crammed place. The L-shaped restaurant can seat around 45-50 at a time. We liked the fact that they have given much attention to detailing in décor and have placed little little things like old coins, swords and other things under the glass-topped table.


But, hello! We are here for food and shouldn’t that take the mainstage? Of course, yes! But sadly food here is just too ordinary and most of the dishes barely could do justice to their existence. We ordered a mix of Veg and Non-Veg but nothing out of the entire order came out as the star of the meal. In fact, the only good things about the meal were the chutneys and the pickle tokri (resembling a snake charmer’s basket) that the server gets to your table.


Although we would like to go to this place again for the ambience, location and the desi vibes but would definitely want them to have a relook at the kitchen and the food preparations!


Food: 3.00/5.00

Service: 3.50/5.00

Decor: 4.00/5.00


Thanks #DesiChidiyaa

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