Get Your Home Monsoon Ready!

As desirable as Monsoons are, the gloominess around sometimes can get the better of you. To avoid the dull monotones of grey and white, why not do up your home to make it more inviting and party-ready with home furnishing brand, Tangerine Tree?

Soothing Bedroom Fabrics – Monsoon brings along humidity and perspiration, 8903813197900_1.jpgtherefore skin-friendly and breathable textiles are essential. Cotton-infused natural fabrics that absorb sweat and avoid skin rashes must undeniably be used. Right from bed spreads, bed covers, quilts to pillow cases, cotton in classy prints and tints should be incorporated. These must also be replaced with fresh ones every week to maintain a pleasant fragrance and fabric hygiene. Floral prints in fresh hues of teal, yellow green, mint and amber look beautiful and bring in all the colors of the monsoon nature.

large-rug-205684834.jpgImpressive Runners – Monsoons are an open invitation to soiled feet, mud and dirt. Homes can be kept clean by laying varied mats and runners at different entry – exit points. Market offers a range of trendy, colorful wads that can be placed not just to keep homes spotlessly tidy but also to highlight specific décor, or certain sections of home, like around a lamp or the center table, or below a wall piece. This helps create a focused look and gives an illusion of exclusivity to the decorative product.

Delicate Wipes – Keep napkins and towels handy to tackle excessive humidity and untimely rains. These soft wipes play an important role when adorning homes using soft furnishings. Color and print coordinated pieces in restrooms, dining table and in bed rooms create a refined look. Hand towels on fancy brass hooks, napkins folded on the dining table and towels decorated on the bed look utterly pleasing and alluring.

Window Veils – Translucent shutters would be ideal during the rainy season. Curtains in the fabrics of thin cotton, sheer organza, chiffon and embroidered tulle with mesh lace look delicate and mesmerizing. These are easy to maintain, and certainly add a hint of elegance to the home décor. Match these with other soft furnishings in every room and create a spectacular display of the outside world inside.


Whiff of Fragrance – Odors lurk around in the house and outside during this time of the year. Using room fresheners or scented candles, scented water beads and diffusers can add a lot of freshness and positivity to your homes. Soothing perfumes reduce stress and anxiety and even induce peaceful sleep. It is also effective in uplifting your moods and in creating an inviting ambience.




Floral Décor – Add a vase of some fresh, vivid flowers in every room to beautify your home, making it a welcoming address this monsoon.



Adorning homes in Monsoon is like bringing in the nature’s rejuvenated vibes inside and pepping up the space to make it a cheerful one. Use ideas and products that you like and make doing up home a pleasurable experience.

About the Brand


logo-transparent.pngStarted in 2012 with the vision to cater to the changing lifestyle needs of Indian customers, Tangerine enables the consumer chose the best concepts that is suitable for today. With the knowledge of Indian consumer behaviour and current market trends, they bring a total coordinate solution for home couture and accessories.

Tangerine brings a twist to home décor with fashionable bed linen and accessories that complements the luxury lifestyle well. The collection is comprised of a chic array of bed sheets, comforters, duvets, pillow cases and even products like towels, napkins and shower curtains. In addition to bed and bath products, Tangerine also has a collection of mugs, handbags, bath mats that are coordinated to represent each colour.


Thanks #DesiChidiyaa

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