Fan-a-Gig: A Revolutionary Music Platform

Are you a music aficionado who loves to watch their favourite music bands perform live and groove to their beats? DesiChidiyaa has some good news for you. Fan-a-Gigis is here to revolutionise the live music industry in India.

What Is Fan-a-Gig?

No more whining and pining needed. No more leaving things in the hands of dubious music promoters. With Fan-a-Gig, fans take control. Music lovers take charge here. They choose, promote, campaign and vote for their favourite bands to perform live in India!

How Fan-A-Gig Works?

All you have to do is go to their website, browse through the on-going campaigns and vote for the one which you would want to be a part of and be a supporter in bringing down the band/artist  to the Indian soil!  If your  favourite artist is not on the on-going campaign list, then you could well go and create your own campaign, share it with friends and on social media, get more people like you to vote for your campaign, and once there are enough votes, you are good to go. Fan-A-Gig takes it from there and does rest of the work for you.  All there is left for you to do is pack your bag for the concert that you were dying to watch, LIVE!

The Souls Behind Fan-a-Gig?

Two music lovers, Kabir Bhasin and Kanishka, who hated cancelled gigs and shunted plans got together to start up Fan-a-Gig. They are regular blokes with entrepreneurial genius and music in their hearts who gave shape to this music platform that encourages and facilitates tribes of music lovers to come together and promote music.

And hey, looks like soon promoters deciding what band will play and where it will perform will be a thing of the past. International artists are rigid in coming down to India due to lack of fan following  and strict state rules. Fan-A-Gig make sure that artists know about the huge fan list waiting for them to fly down – no gray notes there. That leaves very less chance of shows being called off due to low turnouts and flimsy ticket sales!

And wait, we are not just talking about big international bands here. Great Indi Pop artists, bands and even pop stars could descend on stage to woo the audience! Music, after all, goes beyond demarcated boundaries and genres. There is something for every fan. All you need to do is sign up or run a campaign and get the ball rolling!

Sign up for the cause! Bring the revolution! Make the change!

Fan-a-Gig launches on 18th June, Saturday

Find them here:

Website | Facebook page



Thanks #DesiChidiyaa

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