A Riot of Laughter: Of Collaborative Comedy and Bollywood Musical Parody

Hey Guys !! Seems we are up for some serious comedy business…. Such huge talent had remained unexplored in our society till we got hit by a barrage of TV comedy shows and competitions towards the turn of this decade.

There is a huge leap in the way that this genre of comedy is catching up and giving our generation a platform to express such humour that once used to just be way of small talk or leg-pulling exercise among close group of friends at school or college.

Yes, we are talking about ‘roasts’ and ‘stand-up comedy’ acts that everyone is hooked to these days. We too are a huge fan and when we got an invite from the stand-up comedy group The Other Guys we got really kicked to tickle our funny bones.

A new kid in the block in Hyderabad stand-up comedy scene, they hit off their first paid show at The Whiteboard Cafe in Hitetch City on June 9th, Friday! Produced and managed by a boutique production house Random Tadka, it is co-founded by Praful (one of the stand-up comedians in TOG) and Debleena (PR & Marketing Manager for TOG).

Although The Other Guys group is new, the Stand Up comedians have been performing as Open Mic artists for quite some time now. After doing this for almost a year, these four men decided to start their own comedy group under the banner of a newly formed production studio Random Tadka, naming them Praful S, Anil Anand, Shouvik S and Bhuvanesh Shastri.

Although new in the scene, The Other Guys seemed to hit the sweet spot and had the full house rolfing and lolling!


Contributed by Kirti
a Kashmiri girl who is currently busy savouring southern flavours

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