A Wholesome Afternoon with Pooja Dhingra

Pooja Dhingra hardly needs an introduction. The Paris-trained celebrity chef and owner of Mumbai’s much-loved Le 15 is ready with her second book ‘The Wholesome Kitchen’ and when DesiChidiyaa was invited to be part of her book launch at Kolkata’s The Corner Courtyard, we could hardly contain our twittering and fluttering for joy! Confirmed sweet-addicts that we are, the idea of learning the secrets to some guiltfree treats appealed to us and Pooja had promised an interactive demo of a selection from her new book.

BeFunky Collage1
A full house

The afternoon began with Pooja sharing some pro baking tips – room temperature ingredients and precise measurements are important for flawless results. She also mentioned the challenges of baking without eggs and how she along with her nutritionist sister-in-law has come up with healthy vegan alternatives to eggs and dairy butter for her book. ‘The Wholesome Kitchen’ is loaded with recipes that satisfy your cravings without the added guilt. And Pooja has made sure to include base recipes for all the healthy egg and butter alternatives so that one can easily whip them up at home.

BeFunky Collage4
The baker at work
BeFunky Collage5
The cookies and the paraphernalia

Pooja then proceeded to demonstrate three delicious treats from ‘The Wholesome Kitchen’ – a flax-egg, coconut-oil, almond flour and honey based Chocolate-chip cookie, a hazelnut-butter and hung curd chocolate truffle and finally a dates-peanut-butter-oats toffee. And tell you what – DesiChidiyaa could hardly contain her moans at the sinful deliciousness of all three! Yes, sinfully scrumptious AND completely guiltfree!!! Total win-win na?!


The tribe of happy bloggers at Pooja Dhingra’s book launch



Contributed by Sincerelylazycat.
She reads, bakes and occasionally purrs just as a happy cat should!

Thanks #DesiChidiyaa

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