EAST: Romancing Victorian Styles

East is a name which takes you back to the colonial era. A perfect romance of antique Victorian-style and contemporary designs, they offer a wide range of home décor.

From designing to choosing the material and also the colour, you get to choose everything and customize your furniture the way you want it! Understanding the needs of the new customers who prefer contemporary furniture, East has successfully managed to strike the balance of old aesthetics with the contemporary. So when on one hand you bold carvings, rounded corners on the other you also have bold colours and fusion concepts.

musical bar unit - Copy

The best part about East is that you can take your damaged, century-old grandpa’s chair and let their army of carpenters give that piece a whole new life. Of course, all this is done and masterminded by the Owner–Designer, Mr Kabir Bhasin.

Anthropologie sofa blue - Copy

A successful businessman and an empowering entrepreneur, Kabir grew up in a home with business-minded creative family, which made him live by the common ideology of being a creator and a strategist. Right from school he started helping his family in business, but little did anyone know that this MBA pass out from SP Jain –  would take his business to another level of success.


The journey for Kabir began pretty early. East Furniture (Lifestyles) began as ‘The Colonial Outpost’ and was started by his father. Kabir worked with him to bring out the best period replica furniture in solid wood. However, with changing times and customer tastes, Kabir tried to explore newer pastures and that’s how East came to existence. Today, East works on modern, contemporary and even quirky designs in addition to colonial period furniture.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApop pink chair - Copy

DO Check out their range of furniture on their website or to go to their FB page.


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