Books and Banter: Publishing House Half Baked Beans Gives a Whiff of Fresh Brew with the Launch of Its Book Marketing Wing

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” 
― Maya Angelou

untitledRemember this famous line from noted American writer and poet Maya Angelou’s 1969 autobiographical account I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings? Young entrepreneur and founder of Half Baked Beans, Chetan Soni, almost seems to be erecting his dreams drawing inspiration from it. A storyteller himself, Chetan quit his day job to build a community of writers and authors where every story gets a chance.

What started as a Facebook page to bring together like-minded people to discuss and talk about books and literature soon took the shape of a fledgling publishing house. Today, three-and-a-half years and forty books later Half Baked Beans is all set to change the dynamics of traditional book publishing. Conceived as a platform to encourage newbie writers to publish their books, the publishing house caters to all your book publishing solutions. The folks at HBB have a dedicated team of editors, designers and sales and marketing guys who dig deep into editorial aspects, cover design, book design and product placement and market reach of your book. They have costomised packages for each of the services they have on offer. They even convert your books into digital copies and e-books for reading on the go. Which means if your book has been published under a different publishing house, you could still approach HBB sales/marketing and e-book services. Thoughtful and innovative, isn’t it?


The passion that Chetan, the founder, has for books and storytelling does its magic and spills over to what Half Baked Beans stands for as a brand. It sees itself as a hub for writers, authors, bloggers and readers – a literary community and a talent pool created organically through exchange of ideas and knowledge. To facilitate and develop this community of readers and writers, this Delhi-based publishing house conducts regular workshops on writing, bloggers’ meets, and literary sessions across major cities in India. They keep the buzz around books going through social media interactions on their various digital platforms, running online contests, asking for blog submissions, scribbling out nano fictions and micro tales from time to time, and keeping debates and discussions alive. The idea, most definitely, is to keep people engaged and stimulated. They are a regular at lit fests too.

To promote and spread the word about their newly launched book marketing division, HBB had called in for a freewheeling session of a Bloggers’ Meet on a particularly beautiful summery Sunday evening at The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe at a quiet alley of Shahpur Jat over Herbed Ice Tea, Vietnamese Cold Coffee and Cheese Bruschetta to discuss and debate on the book publishing trends in India and elsewhere. The gathering left us both satiated and stimulated and the conversations got us talking about everything from current industry trends to how book marketing is as important as writing a good book to get the copies off the shelves and into the reader’s hands.

So, If you are a budding author and have an exciting story to tell, Half Baked Beans is where you need to be. They’ll bake and roast your manuscript and brew it into a book steaming hot for the reader!


Thanks #DesiChidiyaa

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