Play Review: Amavas se Amaltas

Amavas se Amaltas: Where Amaltas Bloom in the Dead of the Night

It was a particularly harsh summer evening in Delhi. But inside the Stein Auditorium at the India Habitat Centre, Amaltas were in full bloom. Metaphorically drawing upon the essence of the yellow showers that survive the heat and the warm season and yet paint a shade of happy yellow around this time of the year, the play Amavas se Amaltas, directed by noted playwright Smita Bharti, has a positive message to give – blossoming of limitless potential.

In the director’s own words, “Amavas stands for limitless potential and Amaltas is the flower that blooms in the heat of summer.” With over twenty plays to her credit, Bharti translates her extensive experience as a social activist into performance art through theatre, multimedia productions and films. Staged for the first time last November in Delhi, this brand new play from Bharti’s stable, produced by Sakshi and Aganpakhee and an Aartwo Entertainment presentation, bears all the hallmarks associated with Bharti’s plays.

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In action: Moods and moments

The play touches upon sensitive issues from autism to human trafficking and centre them around children and initiate a conversation around children in difficult circumstances, creating a platform that invites a debate, a discussion, and a call for action around some of the most difficult and invisible causes that prevent these children on the margins from accessing their constitutional right to equality as an everyday practice. The play, sometimes hilariously, sometimes dramatically, points a finger at the gap between the ideal and the real – between theory and practice – and sensitizes and entertains the audience in equal measures.

Director’s cut: (L to R) With Director Smita Bharti, Ankita Bhargava, Jayati Bhatia, Chitrashi Rawat and Ssumier Pasricha

The play sees Jayati Bhatia play a former judge (Shikha) in the juvenile justice system, who has voluntarily retired after being diagnosed with cervical cancer, living with her daughter Sonali (Ankita Bhargava), a corporate lawyer, and her autistic son, Jai (Ssumier Pasricha). Things take a hilarious and dramatic turn in their lives when 16-year-old Khushi (Chitrashi Rawat), a sex worker and survivor of human trafficking lands up at their doorstep. This unleashes several unspoken truths. The characters’ journey from amavas to Amaltas is what the play explores.



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Quotable quotes: Cast and crew speak

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  1. This sounds like it would be an interesting play to watch! My son has autism, so I’d be curious to see how they addressed that. I haven’t been to the theater in a while. I need to go.


  2. This play sounds like something I would want to see. It touches upon human trafficking which is an issue dear to my heart. Thank you for sharing this piece.


  3. It sounds like it would be an amazing and intense play. I have heard so much about the sex trafficking industry and the fact that it happens everywhere is frightening. I am glad that a piece of art was dedicated to exposing what is going on out there.


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