Parents Alert! Early Signs of Depression in Your Kid

Childhood Depression

India is one of the worst hit by depression according to WHO and they have focused their this year’s campaign on it with the slogan: ‘Depression: let’s talk about it’.

Yes, talking can help reduce the level of depression… it needs to be embraced, understood, taught new tricks, and ultimately brought to heel, exactly like a dog.

Early Signs of Depression in Your Child:

Symptoms of depression may vary in children. In addition, family history of violence, physical, sexual and alcohol abuse plays a critical role in the development of depression in kids. However, we can consider the following listed signs as the early symptoms of depression in your kids:

7 Tips to identify if your kid is suffering through depression:

Behavioral or emotional changes:

  • Feeling of unhappiness in most of time.
  • Aggressiveness and temperament.
  • Development of negative believes like nobody likes me at School and I am bad and incapable child.
  • Feeling of humiliation.
  • Excuses of health problems like stomach ache, headache for no medical reason.

Showing of loss of energy and interest in daily activities:

  • Do not like to play with friends which child usually loves more than anything else.
  • Changes in sleeping pattern or sleep disorder.
  • Lack of concentration on any work and memorizing the things.

Changes in school-going Child:

  • Lack of academic performance and not taking part in any extracurricular activities.
  • Unable to adjust in school environment and avoiding playing along with the friends.

Mental Health Awareness:

Dr Sunita Yadav Pic
Dr Sunita Yadav, Head Quality, Dalmia Medicare

According to Dr Sunita Yadav, the first step to deal with the mental health illness and depression starts right at home. Parents can manage their child by spending more time with the child, by appreciating their small work or achievements, engaging them in extracurricular activities, regular consultation with health professionals and taking report of child through class teacher and school staff on periodical basis.





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