Landour Bakehouse – An English-style bakery

A Treasure Trove of Desserts and all things Vintage…!!


There have been multiple trips to Mussoorie in my childhood days but this time when I went there, it was a different story altogether. Although the Mall Road is my favourite go-to place whenever I am in Mussoorie but this time I was charmed beyond words by this cute little hidden gem in the Queen of Hills. Going to Lal Tibba had been a ritual but we would generally just go there, and enjoy the view of the mountains looking through the telescope.


However, this time round, we decided to take a little walk towards the Sisters Bazaar area. Sitting pretty at the curb end of the uphill road of Sisters Bazaar was this charming bakery – Landour Bakehouse. Making our way through the picture-perfect entrance, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee took the better of us.



Once inside, we were ogling at the gleaming counters for a good 15 minutes thinking of what all to order. They are the little pieces that are places here and there that would play their charm on you. Be it the quotes written in chalk and hung on the walls or the antique wood tables and chairs set by the windows, giving you a magnificent view of the mountains. We were just happy sitting there and sipping on our coffee and making little conversations.

20170325_153914_Edited.jpgWe were told that the recipes used here are taken from Landour Cookbook which has been curated by Ruskin Bond. These recipes have all been written by Sisters and nuns, residents of Landour under the British raj. In act, many of their product are made using ingredients from their neighbour A. Prakash & Co. Store.

A happy little place, styled like an English bakery, it sure is a hidden gem of a place which should be visited while in Mussoorie.


Tip: Do pick up their Hot Chocolate Mix which comes in a glass jar and has little chunks of marshmallow!





Thanks #DesiChidiyaa

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