Restaurant Review: Jom Jom Malay

 Jom Jom: Delhi’s First Malaysian Restaurant

So we landed at this new Malay restaurant in Ansal Plaza which was all “luck by chance”…
Had gone to the mall for a nostalgic trip when we stumbled on this cute looking Malaysian specialty restaurant.

It was lunchtime and much to our surprise it was fairly occupied in spite of it being a weekday (Wednesday). The cycle rickshaw (a popular mode of transport also used in Malaysia) is placed at the entrance which look beautiful and inviting. There’s a lot of greenery inside with the walls adorned with dragon butterflies and other artefacts which the staff informs is sourced from Malaysia (and the rickshaw too!!). One side of the restaurant has a coloured graffiti wall and the place gets a lot of sunlight.


Seating is spacious with lots of walking and elbow space… a number of partitions give you a sense of privacy… the staff is courteous and helpful… since I have not had much of Malaysian cuisine, their tip as to what I should go for that suits my palate is a good help as they know their menu and are eager to explain the food listed on the menu… the service is not rushed and they ask you before serving your next order/course, which is quite thoughtful…

We start with Assorted Baos which has chicken, lamb and duck… the baos taste really good… and surely a must order… Next we gorge on Veg and Assorted Satay (lamb, prawn and fish)… it’s their specialty and they do it really well…the vegetables in the Veg Satay are fresh with the perfect crunch…

The Laksa, which is a popular spicy noodle soup, was served with rice noodles and chicken, prawn and fish. The base has a rich coconut curry and the flavour is just apt. The condiments basket has a cute, cane basket which has an assortment of Chilli Oil, Fried Garlic, Basil leaves, lemon wedges, roasted and coarsely ground peanuts to make your soup even more flavourful.

The Veg Murtabak and the Non-veg Murtabak are done really well… it’s a stuffed pan-fried pancake bursting with fillings and is slightly mildly spiced… there’s a spicy dip alongside where you can balance your flavour. The Veg Redang Curry served with Roti Canai is made the perfect way… the Roti Canai is more like a Parotta with many flaky layers.

To round off the meal we order Banoffee Pie and Red Velvet Cake, with the latter served in a jar with many layers. Both tasted ok, if not great.

So, next time you are in Ansal Plaza and Malaysian is what your palate desires, Jom Jom is not a bad choice.



Thanks #DesiChidiyaa

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