Juna Mahal Boutique Hotel: Experience a Royal Stay

Relive the Royal Era in Juna Mahal

Welcome to Juna Mahal, the finest luxury hotel in Ranthambore! As it conforms to the five-star standard, it has emerged as an ideal destination for vacationers. Spread over acres of tranquil landscape, the hotel offers all modern amenities on a grand scale.

A haveli-style structure with overlooking rooms and a central courtyard

It’s the only boutique hotel in Sawai Madhopur district in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, and the very best too. Juna Mahal, designed on the ‘green building’ concept and crafted with a host of recycled material, is eco-friendly. The hotel has used the best materials and best technology.

21b - 160604-0499
A green patch at one end of the pool offers a perfect setting for a party, as do the open spaces near the pool

Few hotels in India have a commanding view of scenic beauty as does Juna Mahal. It literally sits on Mother Nature’s lap. From here you get an armchair view of the Aravalli mountain range.

15 - 160604-0524b
The poolside is perfect for chilling in summer evenings


Built on the hunting lodge concept, it takes you to a period when maharajas went on hunting along with their entourage. While the high and the mighty put up in royal accommodation, the subordinates were housed in an annexe. The layout of the resort is inspired by this theme.





056 - 160604-0784a
A cosy nook of your private balcony will offer you an armchair view of the rugged Aravallis

Builders of Juna Mahal were careful to erect every structure in such a way that it merged with the natural surroundings. That’s why a guest at this hotel always breathes fresh air and finds peace and serenity all around. Service is quiet and unobtrusive so that it does not distract the guest at all.


The architectural beauty of the resort is striking. It is a fusion of the old and the modern. You cannot miss the ambience of a grand haveli where antique wooden pillars and stone work have been widely used. Juna Mahal has 22 (18 deluxe and 4 suites) furnished air-conditioned classic rooms, ideal for business and leisure travellers. Elegant private space has been provided, keeping in view the needs of guests.

055 - 160604-0767
The rooms are a fusion of old-world charm and modern amenities

Deluxe rooms and suites look like works of art, the entrance to each of them being something very special. Tent-style conical roofs lend them an exceptional look, combine as they do traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Each room is different from the other in ambience, decor apart from the view its balcony offer. The rooms on the ground floor have a private garden to unwind to the tweet of the birds.

An Ideal Place to Relax

The resort plies it guests with an exqiuties selection of amenities for relaxation, entertainment, personal exquisite and aesthetic beauty in mind. The swimming pool is designed on a floating-stone concept. A Jacuzzi, which comes adjacent to the pool, helps chill during the peak summer months. A green patch at one end of the pool offers a perfect setting for a party, as do the open spaces near the pool.

BeFunky Collage
Pamper yourself in the luxury of a private Jacuzzi. Or shower under the blue sky if you feel like it.

Dining and Wining

The restaurant with a cover for 100 people is spacious enough and flooded with ample light during the day. Comfortable sitting arrangement makes the decor and the ambience befitting for a meal. A lawn of 80 covers and an open space at the poolside has cover for 150 diners. The buffet spread offers a choice of palatable multi-cuisine dishes. Live counters offer delectable and wholesome Indian (North Indian, South India) and global cuisines.

23 - 160604-0041
The al fresco rooftop dining is a great way to unwind in the tranquil surrounds of Sawai Madhopur
31 - 160604-1024

The decor and ambience are befitting of the meal served at Juna Mahal

Nearby Attractions

For most of the guests here the biggest attraction in Sawai Madhopur is the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, one of the most popular tiger habitats in the world, and the 10th-century Ranthambore Fort, a UNESCO heritage fort. Juna Mahal arranges for comfortable jungle safaris for its guest and a visit to the fort. Two jungle safaris are held – one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. While gate No. 1 to 5, popular entry points to the tiger reserve, are just 2.5km away, the Ranthambore Fort is around 3km from the hotel. A visit to the fort is a wonderful and enriching experience for the guests, which unfolds a vast expanse of Indian history. The Ganesh Temple has a three-eyed idol of the elephant deity atop the hill fort, which is the only such idol in India.

BeFunky Collage
A taste of royalty

A visit to the Juna Mahal Hotel will stir every single sensory aspect of its guests…

Contributed by: Dilip Singh

Picture courtesy: Juna Mahal Boutique Hotel


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  1. Hey, Sawai Madhopur has been itched on my memory since childhood as my maternal grandparents stayed there for decades. I’ve fond memories of the place. But this palace Juna Mahal is new to me. Excellent pics.


  2. The place looks amazing. I love the outdoor showers and the way they look. Definitely have to take a visit there should I ever be in the area.


  3. I am always looking for new places to travel so I am going to put this on my must do list for 2017. I am glad you shared this.


  4. Is this place even for real? It looks like a paradise!! Might as well pack my bags and hit the road to Rajasthan just to experience the beautiful stay in this hotel. 😛 ❤



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