Restaurant Review: Delhi Club House

Delhi Club House

The ‘Formal Dining’ on its door made us pause awhile from stepping into Delhi Club House: but stepped in we did; we had heard so much about it. A delightful and quaint resto-bar in Sangam Courtyard in Delhi’s RK Puram, it’s ambience is warm, comfortable and informal. A woman-friendly place too, is what we felt. A wee bit cramped, and packed to the brim. Since there were two of us, we were taken to a table in the ‘veranda’: natural light filtering in, and overlooking the clean drive-in to Sangam and the sturdy tree on the footpath: a pleasing and different view. A DJ was playing popular 80s and 90s English hits. Our day was made!


A neat and tidy menu, too, with snacks, veg and non-veg meal options and desserts (we skipped the desserts), and a separate drinks menu. We ordered Fish Finger Orly, served with French fries and mayo and (a mild) mustard sauce. It was delicious and light – although the sprinkled masala didn’t quite go with it, we felt. Next, we turned our attention to the Palak Patta Chaat, where the slightly sweetish curd offset the slightly chilli palak ‘mini-pakodas’. The main course dish of Saffron Rice and Railway Mutton Curry was superb. The rice had a delicate flavour, and we polished off most of the rice just by ‘tasting’ it. And the Railway Mutton Curry? Heavenly! The mutton was in bite-sized boneless pieces, with a mild coconut taste, and we quickly ran through the thickish-smooth gravy too.


This restaurant warrants several visits. So does Saffron Rice and Railway Mutton Curry!


Where: Sangam Courtyard, Sangam Courtyard, Major Somnath Marg, Sector 9, RK Puram, New Delhi

Contributed by: Enu G

Thanks #DesiChidiyaa

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