DesiChidiyaa at The Grub Fest 2017, Delhi

#DesiChidiyaa’s Day Out at the Grub Fest

The Foodie Extravaganza

DesiChidiyaa perched herself at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Day 2 of the three-day-long foodie extravaganza at the Grub Fest 2017 that’s being held between 17th and 19th March. The season is just right for the epicurean junta of Delhi to descend on this foodie paradise to savour some mouth-watering food and beverages at India’s biggest Food Festival.

 Grab a Bite at The Grub Fest

What to Expect

Expect an assault on your culinary senses. Expect lots of stalls, and then some more. You might just run out of breath doing a single round of the complex tasting and sampling the food. Worry not! There’s enough activity to keep you entertained if you wish to take from the eating marathon.

There are photo booths, games corner, culinary sessions by top chefs and mixologists in town. And then, of course, you have the crooners, jammers, bands and DJs belting away covers and originals to keep the tempo high as you dig into your baklava, take a drag of your favourite hookah flavour or guzzle down mugs of beer to wash it all down. And take it all in.

This dude here devoured this huge burger in flat 12 minutes. Man vs. Food, anybody?

Spoilt for Choice

And coming to the food on offer…variety is the mantra. Craving for some street food? Go for it. Or are you in a mood for some beer garden experience? You have that too! From pita joints to sushi counters, from from experts showing off their skills with liquid nitrogen popsicles to bawarchis dishing out all-time hits like kebabs and tikkas, from food trucks offering Lebanese shawarma rolls, Italian pizza/pasta and American hotdogs/burger and fries to shisha bars and pub grubs, you have everything covered.

DesiChidiyaa came back happy and satiated; so will you. Eat away!


Thanks #DesiChidiyaa

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